We’ve had the pleasure of having Lauren Clarke, a Memorial University co-op student, on our Marketing and Communications team for the last four months. Hear about her experience below:

When entering the job competition in the middle of a global pandemic, I had my doubts if it would even be possible to obtain a work term. My expectations were low, and I feared I would be left without a placement this fall. Little did I know, I would be given the opportunity to enter into an incredibly interesting, fast-paced, innovative industry.

As soon as I completed my interview, I knew this would be an incredible opportunity. Once I began my term, I was delighted to be treated more like a staff member than a co-op student. C-CORE quickly made me feel like a valuable, trusted employee. I felt as though my opinions genuinely mattered, and I was always included in various meetings, which was a vital part of my learning experience.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to complete my term with a company that has such a positive team environment, provides flexibility with the option to work from home, and gives the freedom to learn from so many broad experiences. I am thankful that I can leave this work term with so much more knowledge than I walked in with. C-CORE provided me the opportunity to learn so much in such a short time, and gain valuable experience in many areas and across many different platforms.

As my work term began to wind down, I found myself sad to be leaving. I am so excited about all the new campaigns, marketing strategies and all the work I completed during this term. I cannot wait to see my teams hard work continue to come to life in the new year.

I would like to thank C-CORE/LOOKNorth for taking a chance and taking on a co-op student, especially in the midst of the madness of 2020. A special thanks to Janessa, Brian, Paul, Ogaga and every team member I crossed paths with this term for making the past few months a memorable, fun learning experience.