Request for Expressions of Interest

LOOKNorth is providing an opportunity for Canadian SMEs to showcase their technologies related to Arctic remote sensing and communications in front of an international audience of defence and security organizations.

The Andoya Campaign is a demonstration of the Integrated Remote Sensing for the Arctic (IRSA) system of systems development by the IRSA Development Group (IDG). Among the campaign’s objectives is a remote sensing maritime surveillance solution focused on dark target detection.

This EOI solicits technologies that can augment the existing solution in the identified areas of interest. As an example, dark target detection using remote sensing satellites and satellite automatic identification systems is part of the existing solution. Use of artificial intelligence to highlight those targets that are the highest risk would be an excellent fit. Please contact us to discuss other examples.

Andoya Campaign

The Andoya Campaign will take place during August 18-25, 2021 at the Andoya Space test range.

The test range is located in Northern Norway, with over 24,000 km2 available for demonstrations of advanced technologies and concepts of operations of multi-platform missions. The range is instrumented to provide: independent tracking capability for assets under test; various communications systems to support asset interoperability; simulated and real targets for remote sensing detection; and support for large area maritime and land-based exercises.

The campaign will include demonstrations of maritime surveillance, mission center operations, advanced unmanned aircraft and surface vessels, voice-controlled detect and avoid systems, modelling simulation analysis of concepts of operations, and other technologies.

Recognizing that COVID-19 challenges may restrict some travel options, both an in-person and virtual experience will be available to the invited guests.


IRSA is a dual-use system of systems optimized for remote sensing data acquisition and decision support analytics, and communications for the Arctic.

IRSA integrates satellite platforms, remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), high and medium altitude long-endurance platforms, and unmanned sea-surface vessels to offer a complete maritime surveillance platform.


The IDG is a multi-national collaboration among several Arctic nations, and world-leading innovators in advanced technologies for the polar-regions. The objective of IDG is to develop and commercialize the IRSA solution as a service for safety and security in the Arctic.

The IDG collaboration is facilitated by Boeing through a strategic alignment of industrial offset programs in Arctic nations. The result is an agile consortium that contributes highly innovative components to IRSA and can respond cost effectively to a wide variety of customer requirements.

Responding to this EOI

LOOKNorth is soliciting interest from Canadian SMEs who can enhance the IRSA maritime surveillance platform in several areas including:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Nowcast AIS data
  • Remote sensing satellite data
  • Common operating picture (maritime, air)
  • Portal for virtual client experience
  • Supporting communications technologies

If you are a Canadian SME which can contribute to the success of the campaign, please provide the following to

  • Company
  • Contact name and email
  • A brief summary (300 word limit) description of your technology